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Lightning MultiCom SA is a Swiss manufacturer of network access and security solutions: the MultiCom range of broadband router and firewall, VPN IPSec gateway with strong encryption and security.

Lightning's MultiCom provide the highest levels of security, simplicity, flexibility, quality and affordability while also offering customized solutions.

Lightning's technology addresses the needs of all sectors from large corporations with branch offices and mobile workforce, to small businesses and even home offices. Lightning currently provides network security solutions to carrier, ISP, banks, media houses, law firms, accountancy firms, consultancies, and to government entities throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and EMEA region.

Community Builder

Lightning MultiCom SA also develops since over 10 years the most popular social networking and community-building platform, Community Builder for Joomla!

Powering millions of websites world-wide, this open-source social networking platform web-server software has its home and its own 500'000+ members strong community of community builders at Joomlapolis.com.

High-Security: at high level

Lightning has becom synonym of QualityLightning's products are used by top Swiss banks, governments, and even by the European Space Agency for the EGNOS mission-critical GPS enhancement project for the civil aviation. Major carriers and ISPs rely on Lightning to connect their customers safely to the Internet. Following features make the difference.

Lightning VPN and Firewall: Unique benefits

Lightning MultiCom IPSec VPN gateway and firewall provide unique benefits to security- and cost-conscious corporate customers.

High-Availability using redundancy, support for Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) using X.509 certificate and certificate authority (CA) in addition of Pre-shared Keys (PSK), extensive encryption algorithms support, including IDEA, AES and CAST, dual stateful Object firewall, Multimedia and IPSec pass-through, profile scheduling, split security management, certificate management tools, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Quality Of Service (QOS) including concurrent sessions control, support for IPSec network tunnels with dynamic IP addresses at both ends, built-in SSH VPN server with port-forwarding capabilities, load balancing and Internet connection failover: All those features put the Lightning VPN gateways and firewalls at the top of the security appliances and contributes to really unique user benefits. Extended interoperability has been tested by an independant telco test-lab.

Double Firewalls: Safe Internet access
In fact, two distinct firewalls are included

Lightning's MultiCom products allow an easy and secure internet access. The strong integrated double-firewall prevents harmful trafic penetrating into the local computer network. Each standard unit includes not just one, but two different firewalls in series. This setup makes an unwanted intrusion very improbable, and solidifies tremendously the the overall security.

Lightning firewalls successful against DDOS

Lightning firewalls successfully protect our customers from the latest attacks from worms, including the Distributed Denial Of Service attacks (DDOS).


Customer References

Lightning's best definition of quality, reliability, performance and value is through it's who-is-who customers reference list, including global top 500 organisations, and most of Switzerland's top 25 companies.